Shaken Ice Coffee Freshly brewed expresso made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, poured into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, sweetened cream and milk.

Bangalore Start-up Coffee As the name suggests, it’s for the night owls busy working on ideas that will one day (hopefully) change the world. A 100% Arabica roast coffee beans decoction, in piping hot milk, inspired by South-Indian filter coffee and the start-up culture. You don’t need to be in a start-up to drink this. It’s ok!

Dunkin’ Black Coffee No nonsense. A straight up black coffee. Minus the bitterness.


Therapeutic Cappuccino Sometimes you need to be held. So let your hands cup a fuzzy mix of hot chocolate and coffee, with whipped cream for some extra love, and cinnamon for the feeling to linger. The coffee you hold when you need to be held.

Tough Guy Cappuccino The real friend who has no sympathy for you will make you wake up and smell the coffee. The triple shot of dark-roast espresso, with a tint of brandy is so tough that you can’t escape reality. Do not drink if you are clear-headed!

Espresso Strong, black coffee- it packs a punch that’ll wake you right up, even if you weren’t asleep.


Americano Rich espresso with a dash of hot water, for a flavorful, pure coffee experience.

Latte Espresso met frothy steamed milk, fell in love and made a delicious cuppa, lighter than the cappuccino.

Cappuccino One fine day, the espresso was introduced to steamed milk and silky milk foam. It was the beginnin’ of a lifelong friendship.


Hazelnut Cappuccino Steamin’ Cappuccino laced with the rich, nutty flavour of hazelnuts. Not surprisin' if you find yourself goin' nuts over this one.