Shell Donuts

Jujube Burst Ring donut coated with white choco and topped with assorted fruity bites.

Strawberry Crème Shell donut with strawberry crème, coated with white choco and laced with strawberry flavour.

Pinaclair Éclair shaped donut with pineapple cream, topped with white choco, pineapple cream and dark choco dust.

Shell Donuts

Nutty Choco Cuddle When the world drives you nuts, go nutty.

Dark Choco Therapy Treat Darkness with darkness.

Alive by Choco Overloaded with tempting gooey choco and crushed choco cookie crumbs.

Shell Donuts

Death by Choco Rich, dreamy choco on top and silky, molten choco inside.

Very Very Blueberry Tantalizing blueberry and white choco ganache do a medley with blueberry.

Jelly Filled Bite into a classic donut, sprinkled with sugar and let your mouth fill with luscious strawberry jelly.

Shell Donuts

Mocha Mocha flavored square donut with a crunchy choco garnish.

Breakup Party Éclair When all you need is an OD of choco. No. It won’t help. As if anything will.

Stuck On You Caramel sticks. What to do…

Shell Donuts

No More blues Shell donut filled with boston cream and coated with red glaze.

Choco Love Bite Heart shaped choco donut filled with molten choco filling. topped with dark cookie crumbs laced with red glaze.

Truly Madly Strawberry Shell donut filled with strawberry cream,topped with white choco and dressed with red glaze in a heart shape.

Shell Donuts

Boston Creme Dig into the delicate choco icing, fill your mouth up with rich boston crème and experience true bliss.

CARAMEL White choco-dipped square donut with caramel topping.